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Core Subjects

We offer LIVE classes for Mathematics and Language Arts
twice a week for 90 minutes each.

6-Hours of Interactive Live Classes + Access to Self-Guided Courses = REWARDS!

Unlock Super Courses

If you earn up to ______ points by attending LIVE Classes, Taking Quizzes and Self Paced Courses.

Our Super Courses


Build on your Self-Confidence, Critical-Thinking, and Communication Skills as you get ready for the new school year!


Let's make your drawings come to life as we dive into the world of animation!

Music Production

Got a love for music? Ready to grab the mic? Learn tips of the trade from a producer ready to teach you how to write lyrics and perform!

Social Media

Lights, Camera, Action! Learn what it takes to generate a following and an income on social media.


Start building your own website by learning the basic principles of coding!

Stock Trading/Investing Via JSE

Learn to multiple your money through an interactive workshop and game with the Jamaica Stock Exchange.


View the days and times of your exciting classes for the week right here. Simply click on the class you want to join, based on your grade level and start learning!

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Frequently Asked 

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